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If you’ve ever had an anxiety attack, this will make every hair on your arm stand up and give you a tingle like no other…

Once you have experienced the feeling of having an anxiety attack and the matter of an orgasm possibly helping to keep one of these nasties at bay, you may never look back! And when you do, you might be very very thankful for finding this out…

If you want to go from hot mess anxiety fuelled antics to a man or woman, more so in control of those unexpected feelings and emotions, you might want to consider sex as a solution to assisting you.

Some people just see sex as a chore, a recreational activity, pleasure, something you do when you are not tired… some people just want the orgasm… others see it as a sensual pleasurable enticing experience and are forever chasing it – irregardless as to whether it has any benefit.

For some, it will help them feel more balanced and secure as a person. And some of you will find that a little odd, especially if you have never considered this before or experienced anxiety.

Medication can be expensive & often comes with side effects

Sometimes we just can’t afford those extra items in our life – even when they are a necessity (seemingly), and each of us will vary in our affordability of such a product.

Sometimes the side effects outweigh the actual help. For some. But I am not a medical professional and everyone is different.

I have a friend who is currently taking anxiety medication and whilst she definitely needs it, she also has a struggle and a hard time getting off of it – when she has moments of realisation of her circumstances and in particular recently told me that she “wished I had never started taking them”.
In her mind, she now feels she is addicted to the angelic hero (who once felt like it had saved her life) and can never release from the grasp of what now feels like her inner demon grasping on for dear life.

Don’t even let me get started about other side effects… I will let you google those. Sadly though some people will NEED medication and there will never be any way around that and that’s ok too! You must do what is best for you and your mental health, and those in your environment.

There has been enough research shown to us over the years that proves lifestyle and diet can contribute and transform the way we are feeling or not feeling and yes, this can work for some, assist with others and sometimes have no bearing at all for a few.

I know when I change my diet, to a healthy one, exercise, remove myself from negative people, it can feel all so blissful…

Exercise, that brings me here…. Sexercise – yes it’s a thing! Trust in it.

All the time and money we spend on anxiety could be so well better spent on other things, don’t you agree!

Anxiety can be such a debilitating thing and no person should have to suffer through that or in silence.

We miss classes, run late for school, sometimes chuck sickies at our work places… don’t get to birthdays or social gatherings, because it is all too hard. We miss important milestones because we are scared or don’t want to push our limits and then later on beat ourselves up or suffer more anxiety as a result of not wanting to let others down or realising it was our loss as well.

So is it true? Can sex help us not feel so anxious? Will it cure our anxiety?

The One Night Stand anxiety cure all?

It can help or so I have been told… but it will be the constant revolving door, of those one night stands, that will work in the longer term for some of you. Meaning you will need a lot of one night stands potentially. Is it the actual orgasm or the sensual feel of another human being that makes you feel better or is it both?

For some a one night stand will bring more anxiety with it – only you can decide what your trigger is.

You’re only going to know, if you give it a go!

As each of us is completely different, you are only going to know if you try it!

Whether it’s in a long term relationship or several one night stands, only you can experiment and only you can know for sure.

You can also try orgasms on your own if reaching out to someone is not possible, not wanted and so forth. Masturbation, if it gets you there, is another way to go.

A friend and client of mine, has tested the theory and it worked for her while she was sexually active with multiple partners but she found that exhausting in the end. So ultimately it didn’t help her in the longer term but she certainly acknowledged that the actual sex, orgasms and feeling like she was in control of each of those men, really helped her not suffer with anxiety.

Intimate sexual liaisons with the one you love, that is in your life, that can be very satisfying and fulfilling, and bring more than just an orgasm that helps elevate stress and anxiety.

Orgasms can be the fastest, cheapest and most effective cure for anxiety for some of you and for others, for varying degrees, will be the thing that makes it worse, but usually not for the sex or orgasm itself, but simply because getting to that point, may place you outside your comfort zone.

But I’m no medical professional AND if you have severe anxiety, you may very well still need medication – so please always consult your doctor. Perhaps try the theory whilst on medication as well and see if that makes a difference – that might work for those of you who are not seeing visible result with your current meds.

Yours truly

The Sex Psychic xx

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