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They’re saying that October 5th 2018 Venus Retrograde is going to be one of the most emotionally challenging and deeply deceptive retrogrades in all of astrology retro’s.

Venus (the planet of love, romance, luxury, prosperity, affection & all those lovely things) will begin her apparent spin backwards through orbit, taking our hearts with her, sometimes a breaking! But before that happens, you may already be feeling her effects, because we have been in the shadow period since about September 2nd 2018.

This planet isn’t all roses, diamonds, and love letters. She can also be possessive and jealous, even vindictive (like my mother and mother in law lol goodness I just put that in writing, what an interesting retro I am bound to have haha)… when she’s feeling threatened or unloved, even unnoticed.

This Venus retrograde of 2018 will begin in Scorpio, that means because it is an intensely passionate water sign, it will effects your heart, intuition, and closest relationships. Closest relationships. Everywhere… that can include the work place for some.

Venus is in retrograde only 7% of the time (according to other sources), it’s in retrograde less than any other planet in astrology – therefore this makes its impact on our universe undeniably strong.

You will be challenged in your ability to give and receive affection, make wise choices with your money, and resist negative temptation – you are therefore recommended to avoid love, love affairs, commitment to love and large financial investments and commitments – much like any retrograde really.

Why you may ask? When Venus is in retrograde, she’s presenting you with thrilling/exciting/amazing opportunities at first, but will only lead you towards a destructive path, meaning that the financial commitment will be too good to be true, as will a potential loved one.


Love & love potentials CAN BE a whirlwind of darkened chaos and confusion during Venus retrograde. If you’re in a relationship, you might face conflict with your partner that puts your relationship at risk.
If you’re single, you might be tempted to ignore red flags and give your heart away to someone who isn’t worthy ie not genuine or possibly a cheater. There’s also a chance that lovers or friends from your past will resurface, totally disrupting life as you know it – therefore bringing some perhaps, temptation or questioning of your past decisions… it might be wise to recall that relationships end for a reason. Some things are better left in the past. And now might not be the best time to get that closure you might be sorely wanting/needing.

Venus is bringing every negative emotion in love to the forefront – oh that bitch! But please remember, she does so to test you… She’s luring your heart towards danger, and you do have the power to see beyond her ruse – you know what they say! Knowledge is power.
If a situation seems risky/dodgy/not right, that’s because it is.
Try to avoid temptation (particularly when you can sense it is of the toxic nature) during this time and you’ll avoid much of the effects of Venus retrograde.
Again, your ex is your ex for a reason. If you’re attracted to someone who’s clearly an asshole or likely going to put a current committed relationship at risk – use your brain and don’t go there because later, you will be the one who lives to REGRET it.


Venus is known for being the planet of love, BUTTTT she’s also the planet of luxury & all that blingsss, and during her retrograde, all that glitters is definitely not gold… perhaps fools gold but that’s about it… You might feel tempted to overspend on things you don’t need, giving in to opulence and pleasure when it’s not wise, and later then feeling insecure about your financial state…. OR perhaps you will be feeling insecure about your finances but do that double edge sword therapy spending at a time you really should not! Either way… it’s time to tighten up.

If there’s unnecessary item you are lustingly eyeballing that is way more expensive than you can truly afford, you would be smart to hold off on making the purchase until Venus retrograde is over. In which time the dark smokey haze of drivers deception has dissipated, you might suddenly realise that that product is a total piece of crap and certainly not worth all the lusting energy, time and $$$ you wasted on it.

Your financial state should not define you but Venus is going to test your financial wits and strengths during this phase… you might be embarrassed or concerned about your finances and financial future, she might be making you feel/seem a lot less fortunate than you realistically are.  So if Venus retrograde has you comparing yourself to the rich, famous and wealthy, living it up in their luxury mansions and $150,000 car, try to feel grateful for all that you already have. Try to remember, money does come and go and many people have a whole lot less than you do!


From all Venus retrogrades, Venus in Scorpio retrogrades are the most profound and bring the greatest transformations.

Retrogrades can be a slow and introspective times, even contemplative, but Venus retrograde is nothing ordinary.
Venus is going to have your riding the darkest shadows of your heart and soul like a horror house roller coaster ride, exhilarating, and yet some how completely terrifying (ok I exaggerated that bit but you know what I mean lol).

Because this energy can be full on, heavy, destructive even, you are being asked to channel it another way, through a creative pathway – painting, poetry, writing, exercise, whatever it is that tickles that pleasure and pain fantasy of yours!

Whether you’re feeling sexually or mentally aroused, angry, questioning yourself on some level or full of heartache, even feeling betrayed during this period, these emotions are the foundation/base of some of the greatest works of art, known to mankind – let’s be frank, some of the best songs were written right out of struggle time!

Chances are you’ve probably done and made similar achievements through other relevant retros and been completely oblivious = but now you know!…

The total positive and upside to our lover Venus retrograde is that this can be a truly creative time that helps you look back on it, with admiration, a sense of achievement in place of the potential love & financial demise… so use this time wisely, be smart, be safe (as you get told during every retrograde) and look at this like a time to create, pause & consider and later succeed.

Venus Retrograde 2018 commences October 5th at 10° Scorpio & will last for 40 days, until November 15th 2018 when Venus goes direct at 25° Libra.

The Sex Psychic xx

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